Louis Braddock Clarke

Louis Braddock Clarke works as researcher and creative practitioner interpreting notions from domains of art, geography, physics and philosophy. Through this multi-disciplinary approach, an experimental enquiry unfolds blending scientific and conceptual theories to materialise in contemporary mediums. Seeking out concealed obscurities lurking in daily life is a defined focus, one that surfaces as uniting cartographic language, new materialism and modes of peripheral vision. Braddock Clarke’s relationship with the Geographical Arts is embedded in his formative years in Cornwall, UK where he was surrounded by moorlands, granite quoits, shifting isolines, tin mines and trans-Atlantic cable systems. These Earth energies have become paramount to his ongoing research methods relating to technologies and terrains.

Through the production of ‘Geo-tools’ Braddock Clarke measures and records ancient, current and future surfaces of the Earth. He is especially drawn to the techno-centric layers of human activities where electromagnetism, bio-mineralisation and geological sonics can be glimpsed and listened to. His latest work ‘Untangling Noises of Matter’ enters the plane of an Iron Ore storage ground where he surveys fluctuations in the movements of metals and the effects of unearthing deep time. This is achieved through his self-engineered ‘Radio Ear’ sculpture that acts as translator of electromagnetic fields into sound and other forms. The meeting of surface spectrums and techno-tools are central to Louis Braddock Clarke’s artistic practice. His work has been shown in museums and galleries as well as site-specific venues of warehouses, shipping ports, hill tops and cinemas throughout the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and China.